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This is one of the more common questions that I get from new Infinity Downline or Infinity 100 team members.  “Okay, I’ve gone through the first several emails you sent and I think I have a handle on the Web Mastery stuff, but there is a lot of information in there.  What is my next step?”.

I understand this well because when I first started with internet marketing I got so completely overwhelmed with information that I couldn’t figure out what to do first.

There is not series of steps set in stone here.  It will depend greatly on your personality, your likes and dislikes, your prior marketing experience and so on.

But the video may provide some guidance which will help.


3 thoughts on “Where To Start | Infinity Downline | Infinity 100 | Team Training

  1. Tracy, I no longer recommend the MLSP system simply because we now have our own private team training sites for our Team Members, which is Free. –Alan

  2. Alan,

    I have installed a “TEST” template to solidify the info you have taught me. I made the template on the fly and not the one I will be using once I get the blog cranking…it’s going to take testing to get it right, but bottom line I got what I wanted which of course is finding the way to upload my own header. You are a good instructor and the student is ready! http://www.stephenmodica.com

    I now know I have found the person who has the caring and expertist to assist me in making my online success a reality.

    Stephen Modica

    Staten Island, NY

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