Is Infinity Downline A Scam?

“Is Infinity Downline a scam?”.

“Is Pyxism a scam?”.

“Is LNG a scam?”

“Is Numis a scam?”

“Is this a scam, is that a scam?!”.

C’mon people.

This viewpoint is out of control.

Having been an entrepreneur and marketer for over 12 years now I have met with and dealt with thousands upon thousands of people in the areas of opportunity, making money, and various other training programs that I have presented and I have some observations about this “Is This A Scam?” question.

The idea that I have heard over and over again from people has to do with, “You shouldn’t have to pay money to make money”, or “Any time someone asks you for money in order for you to make money, it’s a scam”.

Are you kidding me?

Name one business that ever existed that didn’t require some investment.

Well, I’m waiting…

This is the most absurd way of thinking.  It is an insanity plain and simple and it comes from a person who wants a JOB.  They want somewhere they can go everyday and do the same thing all day long all week long for many many years and they can get a small paycheck every couple weeks. (If this is not insanity I don’t know what is)

It comes from a person who is unwilling to be responsible (unwilling to be THE causative factor) for their own affluence, or lack of.

How about this one?:   “Oooo, is that a pyramid scheme?!”.

What is this, 1978?

Well, firstly, I’ve never met even one person who has said such a thing who, when asked, could explain to me exactly what IS a pyramid scheme.

And secondly, I have never met any entrepreneur, or any person who has had any legitimate amount of success in a marketing business who has ever asked this question.


This question results from a “poor” mentality, not a “rich” mentality.

Let’s get one thing straight here, for those of you who don’t know.

Those who have created financial riches on their own, as opposed to inheriting a trust fund for example, have busted their ass to do so and they have not done so with a state of mind which consists of “I hope this is not a scam”, or “Boy, I wonder if this is going to work”, etc.

They look at the opportunity, make some observations and if things make sense and it’s something they can sink their teeth into they drive forward and get it done.

They outwork everyone else, generally in terms of both hours and intensity and intention.

You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth! (Oh, sorry, I turned into Jack Nicholson there)

The truth is that this is no such thing as failure.  There just isn’t any such thing.  There is such a thing as not enough push-through and not enough conviction, and not enough intention, and not enough work.  But this “failure” thing– it doesn’t exist.

I challenge you to find ANY self-made, seven-figure earner and get him to admit that “luck” is what is responsible for his success.  Go ahead.  Try to find one.  Notice I said, “earner”, and not “lottery winner”.  There is a big difference.

So, you know who it is that is asking the question, “Is this a scam?”.

It’s not the entrepreneur.

It’s the employee, or un-employee.

It’s the guy who drags his ass out of bed early every morning to stand in the shower for 20 minutes, until the hot water runs out, because he just doesn’t want to get his day started.  Then he sits in traffic and does the same repetitive action over and over and over again all day long for the purpose of making some other person wealthy, in exchange for a little bit of money called a “wage”.  Or it’s the guy who never even made it this far and has no intention of doing any real work in the first place and thus never made to a job, or couldn’t keep it etc.

Gimme a break.

Not Infinity Downline?  What’s The Real Scam?

You want to know what is a scam?  The scam is this idea that:  You go to school, you get good grades, you get a good, stable job with a pension and health benefits and you really dedicate yourself and be a good “company man(or woman)”, and then after 30 or 35 years you can retire and do some travelling and maybe the company will even give you a gold watch when you retire.  And “Wow!” you might even get two or three week every year where you don’t have to come to work and you can actually go out in the world and do some things that you want to do.

THAT is the scam.

THAT is the mentality that has infested and infected our society.  And I say ‘infested” and “infected” because it is a sickness and unwanted parasitic condition.

THAT is the mentality that is keeping everyone down and enslaved.

And it IS slavery.

You think this situation is okay just because so many people are doing it? 983553

If that is how your mind works, well, I hate to break it to you but… you are insane.

If something is okay just because everyone, or nearly everyone does it that way this would mean that the slavery of African Americans is okay because, well, that’s just how everyone was doing it (until very recently).  Oh, and how about the Crusades or the Spanish Inquistion?  Are you familiar with these things?

The fact of the matter is that you will most likely experience the greatest success when you think and do the OPPOSITE of what almost everyone else is doing.

This “scam” of school, job, pension, social security, wasting your life away working to make someone else wealthy is absolutely absurd.

But, these are the type of people who I have found are the ones that tend to ask that question about an opportunity:  “Is this a scam?”.


My best advice to a person with such a viewpoint is, “For you, yes, it’s a scam.  You should probably just stick with your job”.

Yes, some of you are going to read this and say to yourself, “Geez, your a jerk”, or “Alan, don’t you think you are being a bit over-zealous on this point?  I mean surely there are some scams out there that people should look out for”.


There are illegitimate business activities put forth into the world by evil people who seek only to cheat people out of their money.

This is a fact.

The percentage in comparison to the legitimate businesses is extremely small.


The issue is not in whether scams exist.

The issue has to do with people who never commit to an opportunity and are engaged mainly in the act of making excuses about why they don’t have to do the work necessary to be able to like some of the leaders in an industry.   So, they find a perfectly legitimate opportunity and they “start” and a couple months go by and they have really done nothing at all, and they haven’t made a significant amount of money and… instead of facing the fact that they either have no idea what it actually takes to build a business, or the fact that they haven’t DONE a damn thing, they can easily say, “Oh, that’s a scam.  I didn’t make any money… boo hoo hoo”.

You know what?

That is total bullshit.

The “scam” is what you see in our current system.

It is a situation of being locked into slavery, er, um, I mean “employment”, and spend nearly all the minutes of the best years of your life laboring and toiling for nothing.   “Oh wait Alan, but I do get paid at my job”.


Well, maybe if you are some sort of specialist or an engineer or something you might get paid a decent bit of money but that is nowhere near the majority of people and quite frankly what is the difference?  Even if you got paid $1 million per year, if you are locked in an office and only have two weeks per year where you can do what you want with your life you are still trapped.

The “scam” is that great lie that we have all been told about how we are supposed to go about our work lives.

It doesn’t work.

It’s a simple as that.

Christ, it hasn’t even been tested.

But anyone with eyeballs can see that it doesn’t work, especially now after a few years of financial collapse and so many people losing pensions and stocks and other investments crashing through the floor.  I mean, what were all these people working for their entire lives?

So now Grandpa is working at Panera Bread part-time because his pension is gone and social security pay absolute dog-poo, and the guy wants to at least be able to afford to do something worthwhile during his golden years and he doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

Instead of going in with the viewpoint of “Oh, is this a scam?”, how about you actually take the time and put in the effort to learn how to evaluate a company properly and then you go about doing so in order to determine if the company, products, opportunity is a right fit for you, and whether you are actually capable of doing what needs to be done in order to make it go right?

I can promise you that the guys at the top in any given company evaluated their opportunity and if it made sense they got involved.

They aren’t carrying around a bag of bricks — that mental state of thinking that things happen to them.

They make things happen.

They are the cause.

That person who is constantly worried to death that everything is a scam is a person who’s mindset is that things happen to them, it is not one of making it happen.  They are the effect, not the cause.

To successfully build a business, especially a network marketing business, one must be the cause.

So, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, my advise would be that if you have a prospect who asks you whether your opportunity is a scam, or they imply that it is a scam somehow, just thank them for their time and send them on their way.  Your life will be much easier.  It is hard enough, and requires enough work to build a business even when your entire team DOES have the right mindset.  It is a tough world and the organizations that grow and succeed are tough and dedicated.

And if you came across this article because you were thinking that this opportunity is probably a scam and you were just Googling for false information that would reinforce this idea for you, I would just like to inform you that “Yes, it is a scam and you probably should go find a “job”, or stick with your current one”.

And if this article pisses you off, please refer back to the last sentence above.

But if you just happened upon this article and you happen to see that what I’m saying is true then we might actually be able to work together.

And if you are seriously looking at learning what it takes to build an Infinity Downline business I can most definitely help you with that.  At the time of writing this post I hold the #3, #4 and #7 spots on Google page 1 for “Infinity Downline“.  This is not by accident.  I do not tell you this to brag.  I’m telling you this to illustrate that I just may have something to offer to a person who legitimately wants to build a business but who does need some help.  That’s all.  I believe the additional free resources provided to the members of my team, along with the amount of help and knowledge that comes with it are invaluable and for $25 to have access to all the resources and knowledge that I provide is absolutely a steal, even at $200 per month.  And that is the “dilly-yo” about Infinity Downline.

Thank you.

…Uh….okay…. uh…. I feel better now.

Ha ha!

Join Infinity Downline here.


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