Infinity Downline, “We Build Your Downline For You!”

The headline reads:  “Infinity Downline, ‘We Build Your Downline For You’!”

Have you seen any of these ads with this pitch in them?  The guy (or girl) claims that if you join their team that they will build your team for you?  And some people see this ad and like, “Wow!  They do all the work for me! Cool!”.

Look, if you really believe that these guys are going to populate your downline for you, you are either stupid, insane, or you have absolutely no concept whatsoever of how the Infinity Downline and Infinity 100 compensation plan works.

I’ll be blunt.  This claim that they are going to build your downline for you is complete and total bullshit.

But this is par for the course in this industry.

It is a fact that you will sponsor more people by lying and misleading people.  It is a fact.  Now, retention and long-term success and team-building are a separate issue.

But when a guy puts, “We Build Your Team For You” in his ad, that sure does arouse your curiosity and gets you click on it doesn’t it?  But somehow it just sounds too good to be true.  Yeah, that’s because it is too good to be true.

I cannot tell you how many people have called me, having found my Infinity Downline blog, and being surprised at finding someone who is actually willing to tell people the painful truth about what it takes to build a business on line, who have told me that they joined “Such And Such Team” and “they said they were going to build my downline for me” and “I paid them $150 for some group marketing deal that was supposed to put people in my downline”, and “that was three months ago and I still have gotten no one from that deal or that team”.

Geez.  What a surprise!

Do the math people! 

If you have a guy who brings in 12 people he has a residual income of $225 per month (2 of them were passed up to his sponsor).  Now he has to put, what?, 4 people under each of those 10?  Huh?!  So now he needs to get 40 more himself, or via some team system–it doesn’t matter, he still has to get them– so that he can give his downline their 4?   Do the math here.  If this guy were to keep the additional 40 himself he has just now increased his own income by $1000.00 per month.  If he helps his downline to build their downline, even in a absolute best-case scenario of giving exactly 4 to each person below him, has only increased his income by $500 per month.  Yeah, he is getting the 2 pass-ups for each person, so he is getting something.  Again, this is assuming an absolute best-case situation, and only providing 4.   You are hardly going to be able to quit your day job by only having 4 referrals into Infinity Downline, but let’s just say that this ridiculous number is what will happen.  Okay, you are still left having to build your downline because you won’t be able to survive with the remaining two people in your downline (which is what you will have after he gives you 4).

And consider this IMPORTANT point:  Each of the two pass-ups that your sponsor has gained (20 in this example) also need to be provided with their downline by your sponsor!!  This is another 80 people that your sponsor would have to provide JUST TO THE PASS UPS from the original donation.  So now we are looking at a total of 130 people that his one guy has had to provide. If he gives them away, as he claims in his ad this results in an additional $1700.00 per month, total for him (INCLUDING HIS ORIGINAL 10).  If he keeps all 130 himself, LIKE HE SHOULD, this results in an additional $3200.00 per month for him.

Well, yes, I suppose this guy is simply on a beneficient mission to spread the joy of wealth and financial freedom to all he comes in contact with and so he is just giving away money.

Dang people!  Do the math here before you fall for something so obviously stupid.

So far we have only covered an example where this guy has only brought in 10 people!  I brought in 34 people my first 10 weeks!

So, let’s just pretend that the claim “I’ll Build Your Team For You” is true only for your first 4 people.  This is not much of a team.  Also, this assumes that you will pass on this strategy and donate to your downline.  This isn’t going to do much for you. DO NOT DO THIS.  YOU WILL WORK HARD FOR EACH PERSON YOU SPONSOR.  DO NOT GIVE THEM AWAY.  THAY ARE YOURS!  YOU EARNED THEM!  PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BUILDING THEIR BUSINESS!  HELP THEM, YES.  WORK WITH THEM, YES,  PROVIDE TRAINING TO THEM, YES.  BUT DO NOT JUST GIVE THEM PEOPLE.  THIS IS BAD BUSINESS AND WILL COST YOU TONS OF TIME AND MONEY.  THIS IS NOT A CHARITY.  THIS IS A BUSINESS.  YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS, NOT CHARITY CASES.

Okay, now that I’m done yelling…

Let’s look at a 34 person example. This is 32 remaining, after the two pass-ups.  32 X 4 = 128 people to donate to those first 32.  of those 128, 64 will be passed up and also require 4 (in our 4 maximum example here).   This is 256 more.  So what do we have?  34 +128 + 256 = 418 people total that this guy would have to provide.  Yeah, those last 256 will pass up 123 more which will require another 492 to keep this up, but for keeping the math simply let’s just assume this guy defaults on his promise and stops right there.   If he sticks to this plan in this situation he will end up with.  [32 X 25] + [64 X 25] + [128 X 25] = $5600 per month for that guy who ran the ad.  

Sounds good to some of you huh?  Well, let’s look at what it would be if he did not pursue this extremely stupid angle.  Aside from the fact that it is completely and totally impossible for this guy to provide enough leads to continue this for more than his first or second line because he will be getting into thousands and thousands of new members he will have to bring in….

If he kept all these people himself and did not just give 4 away to each new person we would have:  418 X 25 = $10400.00 month residual income.

Now, be honest with yourself.   Do you really think this guy would trade a $10450.00 monthly residual for a $5600 per month residual just so he can give you 4 people which you otherwise could get in a few days if you just apply yourself?

Where in the world is the benefit for this guy?

The benefit my friend, is that you get misled and you join him without understanding what you are getting into and you pay him $25 for a month or two or three monthsuntil you realize that this promise is impossible.  This is true fraud and a scam.

Oh, and how about the fact that each time the cycle completes he has to provide exponentially larger numbers of donated referrals to keep up.  The next cycle in our above example would require another 512 people he would have to come up with just to satisfy his promise for the last round of people who were passed up to him.  This is mathematically and phsyically impossible.

Well, if you want to buy this load of crap from someone and you are unable to see the insanity in such an absurd offer I think maybe I can’t feel so bad for you if you have been in for months and months and have made nothing and are still waiting for that guy to build your team for you.

If you want to build a real business and you are interested in focusing and learning and working to do so for yourself, and you would like the most help possible (not the most help IMPOSSIBLE), then you may consider joining my team.


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