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You Would Think That Infinity Downline Would Give You Everything You Need To Succeed Wouldn’t You?

Well, the truth is…

THEY DON’T!Infinity Downline Logo

It drives me nuts when I hear people say that all you need to do is join “XYZ” business and the company will give you everything you need to succeed.

I Can’t Stand Hearing That!!

If anyone ever tells you that, run away or hang up on them as fast as you can…and call them a scam artist right before you do! :)

When you join a business opportunity (and this goes for all Internet Business Opportunities), you will be instructed to market your affiliate link. Well guess what?  That’s what they tell every single affiliate to do.  So when you have a bunch of affiliates marketing the same exact website…


You haven’t differentiated yourself from the competition. Although Infinity Downline is the most lucrative business Questioning Humanoid Imageopportunity I’ve seen for the price, if you market the company-provided replicated website, you’re not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you. You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn’t even a real person behind the site you’re working so hard to promote.

Do you think Infinity Downline provided me with this site?… HINT HINT

First of all
, you need to develop specific skills to become successful in this industry. No business opportunity can magically give you these skills.  They can provide you with resources, support, and a very compelling opportunity to market…but not the skills.

These skills can be developed by educating yourself and learning through trial and error. But a much quicker way to pick up the skills that lead to success in any industry is to learn from an experienced mentor and team of leaders that already have those skills, and already have the training in place for you to develop those EXACT skills…so you can start enjoying the EXACT same results in excess of $10,000 per month as well.

It Is For That Reason That We Created:

The Exclusive, #1 Infinity Downline Training and Resource Site

Complete With All Of The Tools, Training, and Video Tutorials Detailing Exact Step-By-Step, Click-By-Click Instructions On How To Build Your Business Systematically With Infinity Downline!

Overview Of One Of Our Infinity Downline and Infinity 100 Team Training And Resource Sites (You are completely free to embed this video on your own sites to help promote your own Infinity Downline or Infinity 100 business):

The Infinity Extreme Team Co-Op, Which Is Administered By My Partner Jon:

Click the “Take Action” Button To See A Demo Of Our Co-Op Sandwich Page:

Take Action With Infinity Downline

Here Are A Few Screen Shots Of Your Powerful Training & Resource Site:


The majority of people that fail online is due to lack of knowing how to drive quality traffic to their website and also due to lack of ability to convert that traffic into quality prospects and then into sales.There are 2 pieces to this puzzle.

1) Traffic

2) Conversion

If one piece is missing, FAILURE IS THE RESULT! (sorry to be blunt but you need the truth)

Without traffic, no one will see your sites, which leads to … obviously, not closing any sales.

Without conversion, you could have all the traffic in the world, but none of that traffic will turn into a sale.

to convert your traffic into sales on autopilot, you must have a professional, effective, marketing system in place to funnel your traffic through. This marketing system CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be a company-provided replicated website because it doesn’t give your prospects any reason to join YOU over everyone else marketing the same “system”.

Your marketing system must be customized to you, giving your prospects compelling reasons to join you in your Infinity Downline business.

THAT is the secret to converting your traffic into sales like clockwork!


Most people don’t have the skills to set up their own marketing system and drive highly targeted traffic to their system.

But I do…

I have ALL you’ll ever need just sitting there waiting for you within our exclusiveteam Infinity Downline And Infinity 100 Training And Resource Site

You Can Create Your OWN Customizable Marketing System along with Extensive Training on how to drive MASSIVE amounts of highly targeted traffic through your own marketing system, not just cookie cutter replicated sites that simply DON’T WORK!

No one, and I mean NO ONE in Infinity Downline  or Infinity 100 has gone to the lengths that we have to ensure your success.

All of the hard work has been done for you so that you can get your cash generating machine up and running in no time.

(Here is a screen-shot of my #2 and #3 positions on Google Page1, at the time of this post):

Infinity Downline Google Search Result

Just a couple days later, I have bumped myself up to #1, outranking even the main company website at! (And that is my capture page!)

At #4 you will see my sponsor’s page at circled in green.

Infinity Downline Search Results 2

Same deal on my Infinity Downline-specific Blog in position #2 on Page 1, a few days later:Infinity Downline Blog Search Results


The point is simply that our team has something to offer it’s members.  You may very well have a primary business that you are looking to grow and we will be able to help you rank your pages for that opportunity so that you are actually getting lots of traffic.  No traffic = No leads.  Many people use Infinity Downline as a first-step, or simply as an affiliate program in addition to their primary network marketing business.  And I would challenge anyone to get with me to do a side-by-side comparison of their primary network marketing business with Infinity 100.

More shots of my personal training resources:

Keyword Research Training Module


Article Marketing Training ModuleArticle Marketing Training Screenshot

Inside You Will Learn…

1. How to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic to your website.

2. How to convert that traffic into high quality prospects.

3. How to convert those prospects into sales.

4. How to train these new people to use the same system to duplicate and create exponential growth in their business.

And by plugging into our exclusive Infinity Downline And Infinity 100 Training Sites,
You will create SIGNIFICANT cash flow with almost complete automation and leverage.

Best of all…

Interested Prospects Will Chase You To Join!!

You Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter.

  • Imaginewaking up to 5-10 and eventually up to 50 new qualified prospects each and every day…ready and eager to join your Infinity Downline business.
  • You answer a few calls and return a few emails from your prospects just to get their final questions answered before they sign up with you… but NEVER calling or emailing your prospects first. And absolutely NEVER EVER convincing or “persuading” anyone into anything.  Just nice casual friendly conversations. It really is a process of just making new friends and it’s FUN…

and then…

  • Imaginechecking your bank account at the end of the month to see there’s been well over $10,000 deposited during that month just from Infinity Downline. Then, all of a sudden you realize that you’re on track to make a 6-FIGURE ANNUAL INCOME just having fun…despite this global recession!

Sound too good to be true???

Well, that is your potential reality.

But wasn’t always this easy…

I wasted thousands of dollars marketing corporate, replicated Marketing Puzzlewebsites…which NEVER worked! Wasted money and time buying the wrong kind of leads…which NEVER worked! I have tried just about anything you could imagine.
I experienced miserable failures,  rejection, humiliation, embarrassment and downright PAIN. But I believed the answer was out there and I believed I would find it and make it work, and promised myself I would absolutely NEVER, ever, give up no matter what.  Just like anything else in life that creates long-term substantial success, I paid my dues BIG time! Some family members thought I was crazy.
It felt like the time would never come, but I finally cracked the code and learned the mechanics of creating such a powerful and automated system that attracts prospects to me, eager to join ME in my business.
You can skip right over that long and painful learning curve I went through… just by using our Infinity Downline And Infinity 100 Training and Resource Site Of course you’ll have to put in some time and effort to set up, grow and automate your Infinity Downline or Infinity 100 business, but…

Starting your business with a proper *system* will cut years off your learning curve and make the difference between success and failure.

Doesn’t this sound simple?

That’s the KEY!

Most people make things too COMPLICATED and that leads to inaction.


I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve told me  that they’re team does not provide any support, no training, no ad copy, no resources at all… and they’re just stuck. And they want help. Literally Countless Infinity Downline members are dropping their sponsor and jumping on board to use our powerful Step-By-Step Training and Resource center along with my support.  This is a phenomenon I have never experienced in 12 years of this industry — people joining my team who are ALREADY INVOLVED IN INFINITY DOWNLINE!  Huh?  Yes, they are already in this business but are joining our team for access to our superb resources.  Try doing that with Amway! (Nothing against Amway, it’s a great company, but you get the point?)

Don’t Get Stuck.  Join The Right Team

Infinity 100 Teamwork

1. Company provided lead capture pages DON’T WORK! You need to differentiate yourself from the competition by using your own. You will receive the exact same piece of software that I used to create this, and all of my other sites, so you can have your own custom lead capture page for your Infinity Downline business…ready to start pulling in floods of leads!
Value $799
2. The problem with sending your company provided follow-up emails to your leads is that you’re not giving them any reason to join YOU specifically. You will be building your own list and have your own pre-written auto responder email series that will give your prospects compelling reasons to join YOU and you ONLY. I’ll send you my fully loaded auto responder messages and set you up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Value $499
3. Why send your prospects to your company’s sales page when that’s what 95% of your competition is doing?  Especially when you look at the fact that these are the marketers that end up crashing and burning.  You need to send them to your own sales page that brands YOU as a leader…as someone that can help them to succeed with Infinity Downline.  You will have your own personal sales page / report (similar to this one) that will skyrocket your profits! Trust me…
Value $799
4. Complete guidance on how to craft your entire back-end campaign (including how to easily create your own personal website that brands you). We’ll teach you how to use the power of Attraction Marketing so your prospects will be raising their hands wanting to join you in your Infinity Downline business.Value $799
5. Once we’ve strategically designed your campaigns to convert your leads into $$$$, we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to unleash a FLOOD of highly targeted traffic to your sites. You’ll have your campaigns FILLED to the brim with the right kind of prospects.Value $1499
6. We’ll help with your Pay-Per-Click marketing, Article marketing, Ezine marketing, SEO, Video marketing, Traffic Exchanges, Social Networking…In fact; there isn’t much we DON’T help you with when it comes to marketing. You will know exactly how to send highly targeted prospects to your personal lead capture page by the droves.
Value $1499
7. You’ll learn how to set up your Funded Proposal System, which will more than pay for ALL your marketing expenses…so your business always stays in the green.Value $799
8. Regular one on one personal coaching and consultation by phone, email, skype or even video conferencing. That way anything you need to know, you will know.Value $1999
9. Leadership and mindset training. If you need to work on your self esteem, boost your confidence, develop your posture, and increase your belief level…you will have real guidance. All the information and knowledge to take your inner game to the next level is right here waiting for you.
Value $1899
10. Plus real business building mentoring so you can get over phone fear, be confident with every person you talk to, and learn the secrets to prospecting and sponsoring the REAL people you are looking to make your business partners.Value $1899
11. Not to mention the most important part of any coaching…dealing with obstacles as they arise.

BONUSES For Joining Infinity Downline With Me Directly…

Every once in a while you will come across some offer and you’ll think, “Man, this guy is friggin’ crazy for giving all that away!”.bonus

Well, joining our team, whether through me directly, or through any of my downline does get you access to many thousands and thousands of dollars worth of marketing training and resources, templates, web pages which are already built, etc.

But come on, I have to make some sort of insane offer to those of you who may be “on the fence”.

Personally, it is my opinion that you do have to be friggin’ crazy not to jump on what we offer as a team.

I mean I’m going to teach you to do things that you won’t be taught even if you pay $50 per month for some premiums system ON TOP OF your current company’s auto-ship/membership costs.

Your expense for your auto-ship or membership fees is going to be there either way, regardless of what company you are promoting.  And if that happens to be Infinity Downline or Infinity 100, then we’re giving you all the resources for FREE!  Yes, you would have to be a crazy person not to jump on that. (No offense to any of you who actually are crazy.)




Yeah, I’m just going to flat-out bribe you to join me.  I mean, this is by far the easiest network marketing opportunity I’ve ever been involved with, and yeah, we provide marketing training and business-building resources which are second to none to everyone in our downline, BUT, let me just sweeten the pie a bit here and give you a reason to join me specifically.

Go ahead and click that little Join Infinity Downline Link right now and I’m going to provide you with some crazy value.

Firstly, how about these incredible resources…


The “DOMINATE SOCIAL MARKETING” E-BOOK AND VIDEO TRAINING, $29.00 Value, FREE to you if you join right now.

Dominate Social MarketingSince being introduced in the mid 1990’s social networking sites have revolutionized the way we do business online. With instant access to your target audience, and the ability to keep a steady pulse on what our market is currently interested in, it has never been easier to connect with potential buyers and long-term customers.
Social networks provide people with the opportunity to create profiles, blogs and personal pages that reflect their individuality, interests and experiences. It puts people in quick contact with old friends, or helps them make new ones.  When it comes to generating new interest or exposure for your online business, social networks can help you quickly locate potential buyers, connect with authority figures, expand your outreach and even conduct niche research to determine current buying patterns, trends and overall demand.

There are literally hundreds of social media sites that have sprung up over the last few years. However due to the time involved with engaging and interacting within these communities while establishing credibility in your market in order to build the most effective marketing campaigns, you’ll want to focus only on the most established, active social community sites.

This report reveals the top social networking websites where you can build an online presence quickly and easily, while subsequently tapping into some of the most profitable niche markets online, and locating potential joint venture partners and important business contacts.

These community sites will help you to develop brand awareness while maximizing your exposure and outreach.

The valuable video training will cover the essential points of marketing with social networks.  This is the new way of networking.  This is where the traffic is these days, on the social networks.  How exactly do you approach this medium, and how do you use the social networks themselves.  Lessons from technical/functional use of the networks to the approaches and strategies for marketing on these networks.


The “ESSENTIAL FACEBOOK MARKETING GUIDE”,  $19.00 normal price, FREE to you if you join right now.

Facebook-The-Essential-Guide ImageCan you say 200 Million+ visitors per day?!  Can you say traffic?!  You want to know how to capitalize on all that traffic?  Well, this is it my friend.  With just this one strategy you can build a successful thriving Infinity Downline business.  FaceBook is the king of current social media sites.  And best of all it’s FREE marketing!  But you have to know how to use it, and how to approach marketing on FaceBook.  This course will show you the answers.  Just this one resource alone could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you.  There are a lot of marketers, including some friends of mine who make very good livings marketing on FaceBook.  Don’t you think it’s time you learned how to exploit this platform for your own business?


“TWITTER PROFITS UNLEASHED”, $19.00 regular price, FREE to you if you join now.

twitter profits unleashed image

You’ve probably heard of twitter by now, unless you’ve been living as a virtual recluse. Twitter is the fastest growing social media site, and rumors are that it is poised very soon to knock facebook off its mighty throne.

Okay, so what, you may think. Well, Twitter isn’t just another social media site. The good thing about twitter is that it allows you to send tweets – messages of up to 140 characters just like a sort of short message to others to inform them what you are doing.

And the potential for a message to spread fast via Twitter is there. You see, you build followers in Twitter faster than one can say ‘viral’ when you follow what others are doing.

And that’s not all. It is so simple to actually build a list of hungry, rabid subscribers while you have fun tweeting about topics you love!

And along the way, people start to listen to the loads of expert advice and interesting stuff you have to say and start to follow you almost religiously. Believe it or not, you could become an online celebrity!

Where does this lead to? Well, have you ever bought products that celebrities endorsed or had in their possessions? Of course you have! That is why huge companies such as Nike, Omega and SONY often use movie and sports stars in their campaigns.

And that is where your profits will come from- Trust and credibility you built up as a celebrity in your niche.

But just don’t go out there yet with all your guns blazing. Twittter does have rules and regulations and it’s not as simple as you think to leverage upon it as a marketing tool. However, there is a tried and proven way of doing so, and you’re about to discover it.

This amazing guide is unlike many of the massive ‘how to make money on twitter’ sites that have sprung up like weeds all over the net – You’ll be led step by step using proven, tried and tested techniques guaranteed to bring you profits like gangbusters!



By Napoleon Hill, I can’t say enough about how powerful this e-book is. It may just be the most important book you’ll ever read in Think-and-Grow-Richyour life and I almost require my new teammates to read this to get them in the right Mindset of owning their own business.   Value: $19.99

BONUS # 5:


Complete video training course on using WordPress blogging system(which is what this side isWordPress Logo created from).  This detailed, click-by-click training course will take you from a blogging dummy to a blogging expert.  Not only will you develop a new and invaluable skill which can be used to market whatever produce/opportunity that you wish, but you will have created for yourself a knowlege which you can share and use to lead your own prospects and downline.  This is something people can turn to you for help with.  In other words you will have increased your value in the marketplace and will attract more team members as a result.


web mastery header

THIS IS HUGE! In this step-by-step, click-by-click training series, I take you through the exact technical steps so that you will gain full understanding of all you will need to be able to build your very own internet sales funnel from absolute scratch!  No longer will you suffer from limitations in your abilities to create and build your internet infrastructure.  If you get and idea about something cool you would like to do with your marketing efforts you will be able to build it.  Realistically, I could sell this course for several hundred dollars and it would still be an incredible deal.  I’ll provide to your for free, for becoming a member of my team.



16 videos covering how to use many different social media platforms to connect with and generate prospects and media

Look, I understand what it is like to just be getting started with a new company, or even just getting started in this industry.

There is a bit of a learning curve and it takes a bit of practice to start getting comfortable.  I have been right where you are.  Over the years, and having worked with many thousands of people, I know all to well the discomfort and hesitancy and worries that people can have when they are embarking on a brand new adventure.  They put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well, and to really “knock the ball out of the park”, but the truth is that most us need help getting started.  This IS the reason we created our Team Training Resources.

I just wanted to go a bit further for my own personal team because I want to be known as the most helpful sponsor in network marketing.

And You Are So Fortunate To Have Come Across This Page Because…

When you join my team for just a measly $25 I provide you trainings, tools and resources on all the internet marketing strategies you will ever need to build a large organization and end your financial troubles forever, including:

  • Your very own pre-built lead capture page and your very own series of Infinity Downline sales pages, already built for you to enlighten your prospects on auto-pilot…so you don’t even have to build anything yourself if you don’t want to but you still want to market on the internet.  This one resource alone will save you literally hundreds of hours of time.  (We should be charging you heavily for this, but we do provide for free to our direct team members).
  • Step-by-step, click-by-click trainings on:
    • how to build your very own web pages/lead capture pages from scratch for free!
    • how to install and build you very own blog, your central nerve center for your business
    • how to pick a domain name and acquire one
    • how to pick a web hosting service that works for you
    • how to get your pages live on the internet
    • how to use email auto-responders to automate your follow up with your prospects to save you hundreds of hours
    • how to create marketing videos of all types, including a FREE bonus download of your own screen-capture video recorder so that you can market with video effectively
    • how to use Attraction Marketing to get prospects to come to you and never, ever cold-call another person
    • how to do proper keyword research to maximize your work time
    • how to write effective sales copy
    • how to produce content, articles, videos, etc. that will really communicate and will get a result
    • the 30-Day Challenge, internet marketing course
    • our Team Mastermind Group where you can connect with other marketers world-wide to share ideas and network (Invaluable)
    • how to effectively market yourself and your businessusing many different proven internet marketing methods such as:
      • Video Marketing
      • Article Marketing
      • Pay-Per-Click
      • Forums
      • Email Marketing (including our pre-written email follow-up series if you choose!)
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Social Networks
      • Blogging
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Easy Software Creation and directory submission
      • Press Release marketing
      • How to automate your marketing so that you don’t have to spend all your time at your computer or on the phone
      • and more!

Now, don’t let all those resources overwhelm you or scare you.  You aren’t going to need to learn all that stuff.  In fact, you are only going to need one effective strategy and for most of you that will mean:

Just get your 4 referrals from the group of people that you already know… EASY!

But all the resources are there for you if you decide you really want to light the world on fire and you want to develop your internet marketing skills.

And I’ll tell you a secret.

Once you develop a skill it is yours forever and you can use it to market whatever you want, so you will always be able to create income for yourself on the internet, no matter what your product or which opportunity you are promoting.

Now, stop screwing around and let’s get to work…

Don’t be afraid to contact me with questions.  I firmly believe that if you cannot make money with me as your sponsor, you will never make money.  I have been doing this for 13 years and I know what I’m doing.  I also understand what it is like to be new and to not know where to start.  It is easy to get overwhelmed.  I can point you in the right direction and save you literally hundreds of hours of learning time.  But I am not here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  My intention is to get you to produce so that you can have a productive business.  My role is to remove for you all the excuses that you could come up with to prevent yourself from flat-out rockin’ it in this business.  You want to get paid?  You want to “make bank”?  Well, then saddle up and let’s do it right now.  Time’s a wastin’.
Alan Cosens

Alan Cosens

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  1. As one of Alan’s downline, I get people telling me regularly now how impressed they are with ALL of the resources we provide for our team! Keep it coming! This does work if you stick with it and not quit.

    Carrie LaShawn

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